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Movie Home Inspirations


While I rarely get a moment to actually sit down to watch a movie, (hello toddler mommy here), I must admit that when I do, I often pay more attention to the setting more than the story line. While these movies would be great solely on the amazing house inspirations, thankfully, they also pack a great story line punch. I love these movies because they make me want to decorate!

My all time FAVORITE movie to watch for house inspirations is Something Gotta Give. Diane Keaton’s beach house is Ah-mazing…

Here is an exterior shot of the beach house.


While the exterior is beautiful, the interior is what makes this my favorite movie home!

I have a weakness for beautiful kitchens and this one doesn’t disappoint.


I love the glass cabinets, white subway tile and soapstone counters.


I think what I truly love about this kitchen is its simplicity. Like my own kitchen, there isn’t much “stuff” hanging out on the counters.


Oh the dining room… I have a cabinet in mine that is similar and watching the movie gave me the inspiration to put my white ironstone on mine.


The living room is perfect. Love the white walls, books over the doorway and again the striped rug.

Here is the room in another shot. Look at the doors along the wall and the pool view.


Here is the master bedroom/office. It is by far my most favorite room in the house.


I love everything about this room.. the windows, the rug, the books on the floor and the bookshelves.

Here is a close up of the beautiful books.


Look at the rug! Absolutely perfect for a beach house!

And who wouldn’t want this pool at their beach house?


Another movie I cant get enough of simply due to the home is Practical Magic. Unfortunately this white Victorian wasn’t real but it still tops my list.


This home is by far my favorite exterior including the conservatory.


The kitchen is to die for. I think it is most “my style” out of all the homes on my list, but that could be because it has a big old farmhouse table and butcher block in it.


Here is another view of the kitchen. I love the back stairs that lead into it and farmhouse sink.


I love the black/brown painted stairs at the entrance of the house.


The final room I’m in love with is the attic. I could live there.


This next home on my list needed a little TLC but I love the documentary Grey Gardens. If you haven’t seen it, watch it! Now! Grey Gardens, a beach side mansion was built in 1897 in East Hampton and became completely run down when the mother and daughter duo lost their fortune. Thankfully, Big Edie’s niece, Jackie Onassis helped to repair their home to avoid eviction.


The 10 room mansion was falling apart and littered with raccoon’s, fleas and dead cats.


I heard when they were renovating the house someone touched the piano and it fell through the ceiling.



Those are all cat food cans going up the wall.





After Big Edie passed away, Little Edie sold Grey Gardens and it was fully restored. This is what Grey Gardens looks like now.


Next on my list is the home from Under the Tuscan Sun. This house is real people and can even be rented for a vacation getaway!


While Spanish style homes aren’t really my style, I would gladly live in this one.




Last movie on my list, although I cant stand Cameron Diaz, is The Holiday. This home was just a facade built in an empty field but it still makes me swoon.


The kitchen is just too adorable and I could totally see my mom living there.


The bathroom is perfect.

Kate winslet photos the holiday movie nude in bath tub



These are just a few movies I love to watch for house inspiration. I obviously couldn’t add all of the homes I love because it would take forever. However, here are the others on my list:

Its Complicated

Marie Antoinette

The Notebook

Under the Tuscan Sun

I hope these movies make you want to redecorate and move furniture as much as they do me!


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