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Diy Grain Sack Pillows


I was browsing Pottery Barn a few months ago and found some grain sack pillows with black stripes that I adored. What I didn’t adore was the price tag. $45-$89 per pillow. Although I didn’t have any feed sack material left from a previous project, I did have some black fabric paint left over from a diy apron I made for Estella’s teacher last year. I found some fabric that I already had and made a few pillows for my porch swing for fall. Next time I’m at Home Depot, I am going to buy painters drop cloth because I think that would make a pretty good faux grain sack pillow.

If you would like to see how I made these pillows please see below!


First let me tell say that although I consider myself to be pretty good at sewing (thanks mom), these pillows are super easy to make for beginners. If you still need more information than my tutorial, you can easily research envelope pillows on Youtube or Pinterest for step to step videos to guide you.

Here is what you will need:

*Fabric (I think drop cloth would work best) Make sure you wash your fabric before painting

*Sewing Machine/Scissors/Yard Stick/Fabric Pins

*Painters Tape

*Fabric Paint

*Pillow you want to cover

First, make sure you wash your fabric. This will make it easier to work with and prevent wrinkles. Find the size pillow you want to cover and measure.

I wanted my pillow to fit snug in the pillow case so I used the exact measurements of my pillow for my fabric which was 20 by 20. For the first cut (which will be the front of your pillow case, measure and cut. Set aside.


(as you can tell I don’t practice what I preach and my fabric is wrinkled)

Next, we are going to cut out the back of the pillow case. This time you want to use the same measurements as before, however add 4 inches to the height. Cut. Now take that fabric (spin it so it looks like a rectangle) and cut it in half. Now you should have 2 rectangles that are the width of your pillow and shorter in height.

Now, fold over the center edges of your two back pieces about 1/4″ and Press with an iron. Now fold over again and stitch the hem with the machine with each piece. (set aside)

Now onto the fun part. Take the front of the pillow case and lay over cardboard. Depending on the line design you want, measure where you would like to place the lines on your pillow and use your yard stick to mark a light straight line down the pillow. Take your painters tape and stick on the lines. Continue until your happy with your placement.



Get fabric paint, I used black but you can use whatever color you want. Red would be super cute for Christmas!

(Important) Please don’t use the brush that I am using! With faux grain pillows you want a dry brush effect and this brush doesn’t allow that. (my black is a little too dark for what I was going for) Make sure you use a stiff flat head brush (like the one that was dirty in my kitchen sink and I was too lazy to clean) Put some paint on the plate, dip brush in and then stamp the paint out a few times on the plate so you can dry brush it on.


Let the paint dry for about 30 minutes and then slowly remove the tape.


After the paint is completely dry, lay the right sides together on top of the stripes. You want the outside of the front and back together like this. The two back pieces will overlap about 2 inches. Now pin around the pillow and sew all 4 sides.



Now clip the corners, turn right side out and DONE!



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