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End of Year Teacher Gifts

I can’t believe Estella is finishing her first year of preschool. I was just starting to process this and now the school year is almost to an end. What? Where did the time go? I must say that Estella lucked out with her first year teachers and with so much appreciation to those special ladies,  I wanted to make them something special as a thank you for being so loving to my little one when away from home. Every spring here in Central Florida Estella and I like to go blueberry picking at a local farm close to our home. This year we made it out 3 times in their 2 month season and I believe I have enough blueberries to last until next Spring. Knowing that both of her teachers love to bake, we collected some special organic blueberries for their end of year gifts. I put them in cute little jars I found in the $3 bins at Target (gets me everytime) and put them in a burlap sack along with our favorite blueberry muffin recipe. The teachers enjoyed them so much that they didn’t have any left at the end of the day.



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