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Diy Fawn Antlers

DIY Deer Antlers

My darling Estella is a lover of all animals. She pretends to be something different on a daily basis, most popular being a cat, lamb, tiger and lately baby fawn. So when I asked her what she wanted to be this year for Halloween she first said a super hero… I was surprised. The next day she decided she wanted to be a baby fawn for Halloween and I had to be the mommy deer. Challenge Accepted. So I set out online for tutorials on how to make antlers. While there were many out there, I tried most of them and it just didn’t turn out right or required too much effort. First I tried paper mache, which was a mess and required me to use several layers and then still have to paint them afterward. I finished one antler and wasn’t thrilled with the outcome and still had 3 more to complete. Then I tried pipe cleaners. They just weren’t strong enough to hold the flowers even after being wrapped with flower tape. So I stepped away from youtube and pinterest and figured it out myself which turned out to be the easiest method and strong enough to be worn by a wild toddler.



What you will need:


Tissue Paper

Flower Tape

Hot glue gun

Wide hair band

Fake flowers

Step one. Depending on the size of antlers you want, cut a piece of foil (for Estella’s toddler antlers I used about a foot of foil.)  Now roll the foil until you have one long piece.


Next, using your fingers open the hole on one end and stick some crumbled tissue paper inside the bottom of the base. I put 2 or 3 small pieces of tissue paper.

(Make sure you do this so you have a wide enough base to glue the antlers to the headband.)


Now start shaping your antlers. You can find tons of pictures online for ideas. You will need to wrap a few small pieces on the large piece to make separate pieces.


Here are two additional pieces I added


After making the shape of the antlers its time to wrap it with brown flower tape. Simply pull the tape apart to make it sticky and wrap the large part of the antlers first then move on to wrapping the small antler sections and wrapping it around the large base a few times for better hold.


After completely wrapped, hot glue the antlers to the headband. Use lots of glue and wait patiently until it is completely dry.


Next, cut the flowers leaving a few inches of stem and glue to the headband. I also glued a few leaves to the headband to hide the band on the sides.

I love how they turned out and Estella looked just like a little fawn



Mommy Deer and her Little Fawn. If you would like to see how I made her brown tutu click here.



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