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Antique Vanity Rehab

Friends on my Facebook and Instagram pages are aware of my obsession with buying old antique furniture mainly from my “Ooops I Did It Again” post. These pictures normally consist of me driving down the road with a too big for my car piece of furniture hanging out in the back and a “I cant help it” look on my face.  They mostly all resemble this..


Or this..


Whatever.. its my life. I’ll do what I want.

So I couldn’t resist when I was in Titusville shopping at one of my favorite antique stores and came across this beauty.


Although a little rough, this piece has so many great things about it like the condition, the ridges along the top drawers and its on casters! After sanding it and priming it, I pulled out my trusty paint gun and applied 3 light layers and finished it off with a clear poly.




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