Barns.. My Current Obsession

We decided to build a barn on our little piece of land before the farmhouse breaks ground to use as my husbands workshop. Many of the things we will be incorporating in the house will be made by him (bathroom vanities, new farmhouse tables, bedframes) so he needs something big enough to handle house projects and maybe a little custom side business. The farmhouse will be painted white (of course) with black windows and accents so I really wanted something with a little bit of color so people didn’t think I was too boring.

HOWEVER, I am boring and it seems like the only thing I’m currently loving is Black Barns.

Has anyone ever really seen one in person? They Are BEAUTIFUL.

So here are my inspirations… I’m hoping since it’s his workshop, he likes the black because that’s what I will be painting it.











Like white paint, there are so many different colors of black. I’m trying to decide between a few of my favorites.

What do you think about the black barns? Unique or Boring?

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