Mad Hatter Mini Top Hat Tutorial

Last weekend we celebrated Estella’s 5th birthday with an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party. A lover of tea parties since birth, Estella and I started watching the original Alice in Wonderland movie to get some ideas for her party. Since we were only having 4 girls at the party, I figured I could make them fancy mad hatter hats myself and I love how they turned out. These hats are so easy to make  and cost so little!



Stiff Felt Sheets- Any craft store should have them

Headband- I bought mine at Dollar Tree. I like metal with satin cover.

Hot Glue Gun

Anything you want to decorate it with. I used left over tulle, feathers, paper flowers, metal keys and butterflies

First- Cut out your pieces. You need 2 circles and one long rectangle. The larger circle which will be the base of your hat will measure 4 inches, the smaller circle which will be the top measures 2.5 inches and the rectangle is 9×3 inches.

I used my silhouette cameo to cut the pieces because its pretty much the best thing ever but this is easily done without it.


Step 2. Build the Hat.

Take your rectangle and rub it back and forth on the edge of the table, this will make it easier to bend out smooth.

Using the smaller circle as a size guide, Roll the rectangle into a circle the same size as the small circle then hot glue the edges together.

Glue along the top ledge of your roll and place the small circle on top. Hold down until dried. Make sure there are no holes.


Step 3- Attach the Large circle to the headband. Before attaching the large circle to the hat, fold large circle in half and make two slits about an inch apart in the middle. This will allow you to slide the headband through and then hot glue the base to the headband.  I found it holds best when you hot glue your headband where the headband goes over the felt.


Next you want to attached the base of the hat to the top. Simply run a thin layer of glue to the bottom of the hat and press onto base. I pressed mine down until dry to make sure it would hold all the decorations.


Last step is the best step!! DECORATE!

You can add whatever you want to go along with the theme of your party. Since we were having an Alice in Wonderland tea party I added tulle, feathers, flowers, butterflies and metal keys I found at Hobby Lobby. I tried to match the hats to the girls personalities and dresses I knew they would be wearing to the party. The best part? THEY LOVED THEM and they can wear them for dress up too!




I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did! I will be doing a post hopefully next week on the rest of her party!

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