DIY Christmas Ornaments

I have a new client who wants me to plan a Winter Onederland party for her daughters first birthday and I’m super excited because it’s right up my alley (hello, white!) While I am still in the planning stage, I started shopping this week for decor. I want a whimsical party all in white with glass bulbs in vintage pink and mint. I set out on the hunt for these exact colors and came up short so I decided to make my own.

I purchased a set of plain glass ornaments at Hobby Lobby, they can be found anywhere, and purchased the two colors I was looking for.

(note: you can buy the ornaments with an iridescent sheen like mine (i think they make the ornaments look older) or ornaments without the sheen.

I love how easy and inexpensive this diy project is.


What you will need

Clear glass ball ornaments

Rubbing Alcohol

Acrylic paint

Glitter Glue


First: Pull off the top of the glass ornament and set aside. Since the ornaments normally have dust inside you can rinse them out with water or I find that rubbing alcohol works the best, just swish a small amount of alcohol around the inside then pour out.

(If you use rubbing alcohol make sure you turn it upside down and let completely dry.)


After your ornaments are completely dry, pour a little acrylic paint inside. I started with about a Tbsp to start and added a little more if needed.

Start by tipping the ball back and forth to get coverage. Now fold a paper towel to cover the opening, hold on tight and shake it like crazy. You will need to shake it hard every which way to get the whole interior covered. If you see that the paint just isn’t completely covering the inside after all that shaking, add a little more paint and shake again.

(I enjoyed shaking it and singing “shake, shake, shake.. shake your booty” my toddler thought it was hilarious.)


After the paint has fully covered the inside, simply set it upside down in a small Dixie cup or paper bowl. Dixie cups work best because it allows the paint to completely drain and any excess isn’t touching ornament. (I was out of both so…. I made it work.)

Keep them upside down for a day to allow them to fully dry.


Now you can put the cover back on and call it a good crafting day, add glitter to the lids like I did or add any design you want on the outside. Whichever you choose, you just saved yourself the frustration of trying to find the perfect color ornaments and lots of money!


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