Stenciling with Silhouette

Last month for an early birthday gift my amazing husband bought me the Silhouette Cameo and I am in love.


This thing does EVERYTHING and gone are the days of cutting banners, labels and pretty much everything else I make for birthdays, baby showers and events.  The most exciting thing I can do with my new silhouette is make stencils so today I decided to take my old bar stools up a notch with a stencil I created.  While I have made several stencil patterns already with heavy card stock, today is the first time I tried using the cameo stencil material and it worked great! I love that it has adhesive on the back that allows the stencil to stick to what you are painting.


For the first stool, I used a simple vine design.


I used my Martha Stewart small stencil brush with white acrylic paint.


I really like how simple it turned out.


For the other stool I did the full vine to switch it up a little. I think when I get some time I will go over this one with a little sandpaper to blend it into the wood a little more.


I just love that I can create or purchase stencils with the machine. I see lots of pillows and signage in my future!

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