What I’m Currently Pinning

I am completely obsessed with Pinterest, seriously. I tell my husband often that he got off pretty easy for our wedding since it happened before the age of Pinterest. Pinning has become one of my favorite nightly routines, dinner (check), Estella’s bath (check), toddler in bed and asleep now I can pin every wonderful thing that makes my heart happy (check.)  Riding high with around 4.8k pins in my online library of amazing, I thought that I would share what I’ve been pinning lately.

Black Interior Doors

I noticed that this is something I’ve been pinning from the beginning and I just need to try it. I absolutely love love love interior doors painted black.

Here are some of my favorites from Pinterest.

Black Interior Doors1


Black Interior Door2









Vintage Flower Temporary Tattoos

Aren’t these just too cute not to pin?


You can purchase them here!

Mason Jar Lighting

Along with my Pinterest obsession, I also have a pretty large collection of Ball Perfect Mason Jars (the ones that you find at antique stores with the numbers on the bottom, not the prepackaged ones) so I am always on the hunt for ideas.

mason jar lighting1


Mason Jar Lighting2




While the chandelier is made with new mason jars, I think this would be a great project for the older ball mason jars.

Wood Pallet Projects

I have a small collection of wood pallets that have been leaning against my garage for quit awhile waiting for a few projects. While some are going to be used to make Christmas signs, I’ve been looking for other projects to complete with these.

wood pallet 1





I grew up watching my mom wallpapering (or stenciling) all of our neighbors homes. While I don’t particularly like walls with wallpaper, I’ve been itching to do Estella’s room in this Anthropologie paper for quite some time. I think the only thing holding me back right now is $148 per roll.





Ok, I know I just said that I’m not a huge fan of wallpaper, however, my recent pins would tell a different story. Plus, I think wallpaper is making a comeback!

wallpaper 3


So these things seem to be where my minds at lately. What are you pinning?


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