A baby sprinkle & Nursery

While I have made tons of great mommy friends to “share” in this whole mommy adventure, Kari is one of my firsts and favorites. I remember the day we met, the kids had to be only a few months old and it was my first “mommy meetup” at a local park. I was extremely nervous and hoped that my daughter wouldn’t be the kid having a scream fest. I scanned the park looking for a mom that I felt would be my friend without a kid and spotted Kari sitting under a tree with her little boy Dresdin. I walked over and sat down and we started talking. Half way through our converstation she said “I was at your wedding!” I was pretty much thinking this girl was nuts because we had a small wedding with only family and close friends and started scanning the park again when she said “I was Adams date.” Adam was an ex-boyfriend who turned out to be much more a friend than a boyfriend and started dating Kari after we broke up. We sat there for an hour and laughed about “what a small world” and decided we at least seemed to have the same taste in guys. Fast forward almost 4 years later and she has become one of my closest friends, so when she told me she was expecting again, I told her I would throw her a baby sprinkle.

I decided to make the colors mint, pink and gold because they are the same colors she did her nursery in (which is beautiful and Ill share below.)


I attempted a naked cake for the first time and although I did freeze the cakes before icing, the cakes defrosted during the drive there so wasn’t perfect. I now know the adjustments I need to make next time and look forward to trying it again!


Mason jars with name tags for the large party


and a few party games the guests enjoyed.


After the shower I took a few pictures of baby Karsyn’s nursery. Kari did everything in the room herself (did I mention she is talented) and it is just beautiful.


The paper dolls are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen for a little girls nursery.


Kari made a fabric mobile with mints, golds and pink fabric.


Handmade tassels and cut out dresses on a line with mini clothes pins.


I cant wait to meet baby Karsyn and get some pictures of her in her beautiful nursery!!


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