No-Sew Tutu’s

I think one of my favorite things about having a little girl is having her wear tutu’s. They are so sweet and magical!! I’ve made two this week, one for a birthday present and one for Estella’s Halloween costume. These are so easy to make you will find yourself wanting to make one in every color for your little one.

If you would like to see how I made these, please see below.


What you will need:

1/2-1  inch elastic

Tulle (I used both tulle by the yard and tulle on a roll)


Needle and Thread

Cardboard or a book to wrap tulle

Jar to hold the tutu while working


 First choose your fabric. You can find the tubes of tulle (shown in the picture) which are great because they are already cut into 6 inch strips. If you decide to by tulle by the yard, you will need to cut the strips in 6 inch strips.

After you have your strips you need to decide the length you want. For my 3 year old I used 10 inch strips. The general size guide I like to use is this:

Newborn: 4 inches (8 in. total)

3-12 Months: 6 inches (12 in. total)

1-2 years: 8 inches (16 in. total)

3-4 years: 10 inches (20 in. total)

5 years: 12 inches (24 in. total)

Find the length depending on age and you will double it like above. So since Estella needed a 10 in. size, I measured each strip to 20 in. Instead of measuring your tulle strips one at a time, take a piece of cardboard (I used a book measuring 10 inches in length) and simply wrap your tulle around that!


I wrapped it until the roll was finished and it made a full tutu. After your finished wrapping, simply cut along the top.


After you have all of your stripes, set aside.

Next take your elastic band and measure it around your little one. Add an inch to that measurement to sew them together. You can either tie the two ends together for a truly no-sew tutu, however, I find the best method is to simply hand sew the two pieces together.

After attaching the ends together, slide the elastic around a jar or even a piece of cardboard. The elastic will be stretched slightly.


Now the fun part! Take two pieces of tulle (3 if you want a really full tutu) and stack them on top of each other. If you want a multi-colored tutu stack one of each color. Now fold these pieces in half . Take the folded middle part and slide it under the elastic about an inch.  Now take the tails of the tulle and pull them over the elastic and through the loop of tulle and tighten to form a knot. Make sure you make a snug knot but make sure you don’t make the knot too tight. The knots will need to be loose enough to move on the elastic.


Now just repeat this process all around the elastic. When finished, pull the elastic slightly to find any spots that will need to be filled.

When your tutu is complete, take the tutu off of the jar to fluff it. Lay it flat on the table and separate the pieces and smooth out the knots.

Now put that tutu on your princess and watch her twirl!



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