Hello Estella

I have a three year old. A THREE YEAR OLD who pretends to be a kitty cat every. single. day. Loving kitty cats so much its no wonder she also loves Hello Kitty. I’ve never been a fan of Hello Kitty but after checking out Hello Kitty parties on pinterest, it seems I’m really the only one. So I decided to set aside my feelings for HK and throw my own kitty cat a party she would love. Regarding the terrible quality of pictures: I always seem to get so caught up in the planning, baking and entertaining that I forget to take post worthy pictures with my cannon and end up with photos of a half eaten desert table on an iPhone with bad lighting. Next year I will remember to take photos before guests arrive!

(My Kitty Cat)


Although not perfect, it was my first time using marshmallow fondant.


Regular and Strawberry Milk for the little ones.






Estella was super excited to ride off into the sunset in her new Hello Kitty car Mimi & Papa bought her.


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