Baby Sprinkle

Since moving to Magnolia Street we have met so many wonderful families with little ones around the same age as Estella. One of these wonderful families are the Danes. They have a little boy who is one of Estella’s go to playdate friends so when she was expecting again, myself and another close friend decided to throw her a sprinkle for her baby girl. We decided to make the theme simply “sprinkle” and we showered her and baby girl with lots of love.

oct2014 050AA

Above the dessert table I hung an umbrella and attached ombre raindrops hanging off of clear fishing wire.

oct2014 052AA

Yummy homemade doughnuts

oct2014 056AA

Sprinkled cake balls and cookies

oct2014 062AA

We even added a little sprinkle to the candles

oct2014 072AA

I normally always prefer a mason jar to drink out of. I made tiny little clouds to the straws to write our names on.

oct2014 042AA

In the Living room we added a few paper puffs and some of the raindrops.

Another lovely friend documented the baby shower for her blog The Decorina.  Not only is she really talented at taking beautiful pictures, she is also an amazing interior designer.

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