Saying Goodbye to our Sweet Magnolia


Its been almost 8 months since I last posted on the blog! Where did the time go?!

It went to deciding to sell the house, my husband getting a job in Charlotte N.C and me packing our beloved home in-between of being a single parent to Estella.

It was so hard to leave… and really hard to say goodbye to the house we put so much love and elbow grease into. I remember the day we closed on the house, I was standing in the front yard taking it all in and seeing Ian and Estella dancing in our new empty house. It’s the house that Estella made her transition from baby to toddler and had most of her firsts. All of the birthday parties, baby showers and mommy wine nights. It’s the house where I felt Ian and I finally mastered marriage and became a great team.

So while I sit here in our temporary home in N.C, I’m remembering our sweet magnolia and hope she is doing fine.





Living Room

Paint: Benjamin Moore Simply White

Fireplace Paint: Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray





Paint: Benjamin Moore Pale Oak





Paint: Sherwin Williams Jogging Path





Playroom/Family Room

Paint: Sherwin Williams Jogging Path


Master Bedroom

Paint: Benjamin Moore White Dove




Master Bathroom

Paint: Benjamin Moore Simply White

Floor: Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray



Guest Bedroom

Paint:Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments



Estella’s Room


Winter ONEderland Birthday


Last month I was asked to plan a birthday party for a darling little girl’s first birthday and we chose a Winter Onederland theme. Being a mommy to a toddler who is all about superheros and hello kitty, I couldn’t wait to plan a more whimsical party with a white, pale pink and light teal palette. While my client told me to do my thing, we did agree that there needed to be lots of snowflakes, a beautiful first birthday outfit and a hot chocolate bar.

This party was just too fun to put together!


I added lights behind the curtain and table which looked so magical.

I absolutely loved the paper snowflakes purchased off of amazon.


Using my silhouette, I made a snowflake banner and the food cards. If you don’t have a cameo, I would highly suggest buying one!


I made a high chair tulle skirt using the same no-sew method I used on Estella’s Halloween tutu.


Desserts included a doughnut hole tree, smash cake, snowflake cookies, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with chocolate snowflakes on top, Oreo cake pops and white chocolate covered pretzels.



Chocolate snowflakes



To make the large chocolate snowflake on the smash cake and small one for the cupcake toppers, I placed a print out of snowflakes under wax paper and piped melted chocolate on the wax paper and then sprinkled sanded sugar on top.


Hot chocolate bar


Hot chocolate bar with marshmallows, white and dark chocolate chips and snowflake wands for the kids.


For the favors I put hot chocolate mix along with mini marshmallows in small baby food jars with a “Thank you snow much” label.

Christmas Decor Tour


The halls are decked and we are so stinking excited for Christmas!! Today is the first time Florida weather has made it feel a little bit more like December and it’s WONDERFUL. While I took a very minimalistic approach at decorating for Christmas this year, I thought I would share some pictures of our sweet magnolia on the blog today.














Teacher Christmas Gifts


Well I officially put teacher gifts off to the last minute this year thinking I had more time. When did Christmas get here so fast?! So today after dropping Estella off at school, I picked up some peppermint essential oil and worked with what I had at home.

I decided to make Peppermint Sugar Scrub because I love making homemade scrubs and they require few ingredients.

If you are looking for a cute gift for the wonderful teachers in your life, these are so simple to make and the kids can help too!


What you will need:

- 2 cups cane sugar or white sugar

- 1/4 cup coconut oil (you can add more for desired consistency)

- Red or green food coloring (I used red for a candy cane effect)

- Peppermint essential oil

- Mason jar or any jar you have on hand with lid


Step 1: Pour sugar in a medium sized bowl


Step 2: Add coconut oil to desired consistency then stir


Step 3- Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil into the mixture and stir


Step 4- Evenly divide your mixture into two bowls and add 1 or 2 drops of food coloring to one mixture


Step 5- In your jar, alternate the two colors pushing down each layer with a spoon


Add a label (I used my Silhouette Cameo) along with a candy cane.

I hope you give this DIY scrub a try if your looking for a Christmas gift!

Christmas Gift Wrapping


I’m happy to say that Christmas shopping is almost finished and I’m in the wrapping stage! While Estella’s gifts from mommy & daddy are wrapped in bright candy cane paper she loves so much, I like to wrap gifts to my family & from Santa in different paper.

I thought I would share some of the wrapping that has been going on around here lately.



This year I wrapped a few gifts in black kraft paper and decorated it with white chalkboard marker, glitter pine cones and garland. I love this because you can make so many different designs on your paper.


With lots of gift card presents this year, I simply used glitter boxes with pine cones & garland.



For gifts that Santa will leave under the tree, I wrapped them in brown kraft paper and created a gift tag from the north pole on my silhouette cameo.



For gifts from Estella to friends and grandparents, I always buy a paper that Estella can decorate on her own.


DIY Christmas Ornaments


I have a new client who wants me to plan a Winter Onederland party for her daughters first birthday and I’m super excited because it’s right up my alley (hello, white!) While I am still in the planning stage, I started shopping this week for decor. I want a whimsical party all in white with glass bulbs in vintage pink and mint. I set out on the hunt for these exact colors and came up short so I decided to make my own.

I purchased a set of plain glass ornaments at Hobby Lobby, they can be found anywhere, and purchased the two colors I was looking for.

(note: you can buy the ornaments with an iridescent sheen like mine (i think they make the ornaments look older) or ornaments without the sheen.

I love how easy and inexpensive this diy project is.


What you will need

Clear glass ball ornaments

Rubbing Alcohol

Acrylic paint

Glitter Glue


First: Pull off the top of the glass ornament and set aside. Since the ornaments normally have dust inside you can rinse them out with water or I find that rubbing alcohol works the best, just swish a small amount of alcohol around the inside then pour out.

(If you use rubbing alcohol make sure you turn it upside down and let completely dry.)


After your ornaments are completely dry, pour a little acrylic paint inside. I started with about a Tbsp to start and added a little more if needed.

Start by tipping the ball back and forth to get coverage. Now fold a paper towel to cover the opening, hold on tight and shake it like crazy. You will need to shake it hard every which way to get the whole interior covered. If you see that the paint just isn’t completely covering the inside after all that shaking, add a little more paint and shake again.

(I enjoyed shaking it and singing “shake, shake, shake.. shake your booty” my toddler thought it was hilarious.)


After the paint has fully covered the inside, simply set it upside down in a small Dixie cup or paper bowl. Dixie cups work best because it allows the paint to completely drain and any excess isn’t touching ornament. (I was out of both so…. I made it work.)

Keep them upside down for a day to allow them to fully dry.


Now you can put the cover back on and call it a good crafting day, add glitter to the lids like I did or add any design you want on the outside. Whichever you choose, you just saved yourself the frustration of trying to find the perfect color ornaments and lots of money!


Christmas Inspiration


I think decorating for Christmas is the most exciting thing ever.. (with Halloween costume making a close second) I’ve been getting tons of great inspiration from Pinterest so I thought I would share some of my favorite things I’ve been pinning lately.




Love everything about this from the old door and bucket holding the Christmas tree (we actually use a bucket as well!)



This mitten garland is so cute.



This would look beautiful on a fence or on a kitchen window.



Using a cutting board as a candle holder and the white fabric wreath bows.



Simple green ribbon on old paint chipped door.



Chalkboard with boxwood wreath hung with a red ribbon.



Feed sack table runner, vintage bulbs and farmhouse table.



I remember making these with my mom when I was little. I remember wondering why she would decorate with ripped rags and now I’m loving them.

I hope these ideas inspire you to deck your halls like they have me!

Stenciling with Silhouette


Last month for an early birthday gift my amazing husband bought me the Silhouette Cameo and I am in love.


This thing does EVERYTHING and gone are the days of cutting banners, labels and pretty much everything else I make for birthdays, baby showers and events.  The most exciting thing I can do with my new silhouette is make stencils so today I decided to take my old bar stools up a notch with a stencil I created.  While I have made several stencil patterns already with heavy card stock, today is the first time I tried using the cameo stencil material and it worked great! I love that it has adhesive on the back that allows the stencil to stick to what you are painting.


For the first stool, I used a simple vine design.


I used my Martha Stewart small stencil brush with white acrylic paint.


I really like how simple it turned out.


For the other stool I did the full vine to switch it up a little. I think when I get some time I will go over this one with a little sandpaper to blend it into the wood a little more.


I just love that I can create or purchase stencils with the machine. I see lots of pillows and signage in my future!

Bathroom Renovation – Vanity


We started our bathroom renovations about 6 months ago and although we figured it would be completed within 2 months, we quickly realized that having a toddler has only allowed us to work on it little by little on the weekends (if we’re lucky.) Even though I hate to admit it, another reason why the bathroom has taken so long is because I have a perfection problem, (thanks mom) and will look at something a 100 times before making a decision. This is what happened with the bathroom vanity. There were a few I loved, but of course the ones I loved came with a pretty price tag. Since we are paying cash for the whole renovation (and still have another bathroom to complete after this one) I had to somewhat choose between a super expensive vanity which would lower my budget for other things and I was already pretty confident in those items.  So since my beautiful expensive vanity was out of the question, I showed pictures of the ones I wanted to my handy husband who built one for me instead. It was a win for him because he was able to do what he really loves and I was able to order the expensive lights and other fixtures with the money I saved!


Since we are splitting one bathroom into two, we will have little storage so he built me a shelf on the bottom to hold baskets.


The sink is Kohler and the faucet is American Standard. Both were purchased at Home Depot.


The hardware is Martha Stewart which was also purchased at Home Depot.


While I had initially planned to paint it, Ian was able to get poplar wood (which is too beautiful to paint) and he made me promise I would stain it instead.

I used Minwax stain in Early American because it worked well with the gray floor.

I really love how well it turned out and am so excited we don’t have to brush our teeth downstairs anymore! Hopefully I will have a completed master bathroom to share within a few weeks!!


Updated Fireplace


After moving into our house I painted the fireplace hearth white for a quick fix, that was 3 years ago. So for the last few weeks I’ve been itching to do something, (that didn’t involve the bathroom renovations we have been working on for at least 6 months) and while I have obviously been able to live with the white, it shows all scratches and gets dirty so often, I think it needed a change.  I decided that I would paint the hearth black because it would tie into the rest of the house and because the vents are also black. So with a sick toddler on the couch who wouldn’t let me out of her sight, I figured this would be the perfect day to do it.

This is what the fireplace looked like before with the white hearth.


Seeing the picture below just adds more things to my to-do list. (Fix scratches around fireplace trim, repaint trim throughout the house)


First I vacuumed and scrubbed the tile with a magic eraser and then carefully taped it off to avoid getting paint on the wood floor and white brick.


Next I cut in with a brush and finished it with a small roller brush. I used Benjamin Moore Onyx.



I’m really happy with how it turned out! I think it blends into the room better and it should hide scratches better!

I have a few more fireplace related projects coming up soon!